• Audit Planning: A Practical Guide To Integrating the Standards
  • Nonprofit Issues with Fraud, Risk Assessment, Internal Control, and Volunteers
  • Ethics and Independence
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • AICPA’s Current Issues in Practice Monitoring (advanced peer reviewer course)
  • Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
  • AICPA’s Peer Review: Are You Ready?
  • Internal Control: What Every Organization Should Know
  • FASB/GAAP Update
  • Advanced Reviewers’ Symposium (CalCPA)
  • Future of the Accounting Profession: Assurance Services and Facing New Challenges
  • How to Perform an Executive Level A&A Engagement Review
  • Financial Statement Disclosure Issues
  • Auditing Strategies for the Local Practitioner
  • Internet Security and Identity Theft
  • Quality Review: The Advanced Reviewer Seminar
  • Inspections: How To Perform Them and Correct Common Problems


  • Michigan Association of CPAs (conference sessions and 8-hour CPE course, Audit and Accounting Update for Accountants, Peer Review Preparation)
  • CalCPA Education Foundation (Audit Planning; Accounting and Auditing Update; Risk and Materiality; Analytical Review Techniques; Audits of Small Businesses; FASB/SAS Update)
  • Ohio Society of CPAs (Accounting Standards Update)
  • Oregon Society of CPAs (Current Issues in Practice Monitoring)
  • Wisconsin Institute of CPAs (Accounting Standards Update 2013)
  • California Department of Corporations (Audit Planning)
  • California county internal auditors (Internal Control)
  • Contra Costa College (Beginning Accounting)


Greater Lansing Business Monthly:

  • Are You Ready for E-Business (2000)
  • Creating an Antifraud Culture (2004)
  • Is Your Nonprofit Organization at Risk? (2009)
  • Start Your Business Right by Minding the Details (2013)

MACPA Leaders Edge:

  • Peer Review: Steps to Success (2006)
  • Peer Review: Common Mistakes You Can Avoid (2006)

Continuing education 8-hour courses – California Society of CPAs (CalCPA):

  • Audit Planning: A Practical Approach to Integrating the Standards
  • Non-Profits – Issues with Fraud, Risk Assessment, Internal Control, and Volunteers
  • How to Perform an Executive Level Review of Accounting and Auditing Engagements
  • Advanced Reviewers’ Symposium
  • Inspections: How To Perform Them and Correct Common Problems

Continuing education 8-hour course for American Institute of CPAs (AICPA):

  • Current Issues in Practice Monitoring (past author)
  • Peer Review: Are You Ready? (author through 2012)


Internal Control

  • Internal Control and the COSO Report: What Every Organization Needs to Know (MICPA and various nonprofit organizations)
  • Internal Control Update (MICPA, IIA, CalCPA)
  • Reporting on Service Organization Controls (formerly SAS 70) (MICPA, IIA, SAAABA)
  • Internal Control and Risk Assessment: What You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Audit (MLA)
  • Internal Control: New Thoughts on an Old Subject (MICPA June 2012, MCCBOA March 2013)
  • Internal Controls – What is Your Responsibility (MICPA Oct 2012)
  • Internal Control: New Thoughts on an Old Subject (MICPA)

Fraud Detection and Prevention

  • Protecting Your Business Against Employee Fraud (numerous professional industry groups)
  • SAS 99 Lessons Learned (MICPA)
  • Fraud & Embezzlement: Prevention, Management and Recovery (MI Chamber of Commerce)
  • Fraud Prevention (MSU, CMU, EMU, OU accounting student groups)
  • How To Prevent Fraud (AGA)
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection Update (IIA)
  • The Truth and Nothing But: Understanding Fraudulent Financial Reporting (MICPA)

Accounting Standards and Disclosures

  • Accounting for Leases (ASU 2016-02 and GASB No. 87)
  • FASB Accounting Standards Update (MICPA, IMA, CalCPA)
  • Accounting & Auditing Update for Smaller Accounting Firms (MICPA)
  • Disclosure Checklist Training (AHP)
  • ASU 2016-02 Leases: A New Lease on Life (MICPA 2017)
  • FASB’s Big Three: Leases, Revenue Recognition & Financial Instruments (MICPA 2017)
  • Financial Reporting Framework for Small and Medium Entities (FRF for SMEs)
  • Financial Statements in the Courtroom (National Judicial College)
  • Financial Statement Disclosure Issues (MICPA and CalCPA)
  • Financial Writers Seminar: Bridging the Technical to the Practical (MICPA)
  • Footnote Disclosure Requirements (MICPA)
  • GASB Disclosures Update (MICPA)
  • Municipal Accounting and Auditing A-Z (AHP 2016)
  • Software Revenue Recognition (CalCPA)
  • University and Community College Financial Reporting Issues (MICPA)

Audit and Attestation

  • AICPA Risk Assessment Standards and Implementation (MICPA)
  • Whys and How of Documentation (in government audits)
  • New Developments in Assessing Risk in Audits (MICPA)
  • Emerging Issues in Risk Assessment (MICPA)
  • Audit Sampling (MICPA)
  • Auditing Standards: A Look at the Present and Future (MICPA)
  • SSARS 19 Lessons Learned and Things to Watch For (MICPA)
  • Implementing the Clarified SASs (MICPA Oct 2012)
  • Analytical Review and Sampling (MICPA)
  • Audit Documentation Standards (MICPA)
  • Practitioners Symposium: Risk Assessment Tools (AICPA)
  • The Impact of the Current Economic Environment on Audits of State & Local Governments (MICPA May 2012)
  • The Future of the Accounting Profession: Assurance Services and Facing the New Challenges (MICPA and CalCPA)
  • Compilation and Review Update and Financial Statement Presentation (MICPA, CalCPA)
  • Following the Audit Trail through the Cloud (MICPA 2016)

Peer Review

  • AICPA Peer Review Update (MICPA)
  • Peer Review: What’s Your Neighbor Doing Wrong? (MICPA)
  • Mastering Engagement Quality and Quality Control Reviews (Strafford webinar)
  • How-To Guide: Peer Review Monitoring (MICPA)
  • Guidelines for Quality Control – SQCS No. 7 (MICPA)
  • Current Peer Review Issues: A Firm’s Perspective (MICPA)


  • Board Governance: Plain English Guide (school district)
  • Financial Leadership for Non-Profits: An Auditor’s Perspective on Non-Profit Financial Management (SVSU – Gerstacker Fellowship Program)
  • Internet Security and Identity Theft (financial institution)
  • Managing Your IT in a Down Economy (private organization)
  • The Internal/External Auditor Partnership (IIA MSU Student Chapter, February 2017, 2018, 2019)